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President / Licensed Real Estate Broker

A NYC native, Joe didn’t have to look too far for opportunity it presented itself, In 2001 at only 19 years of age he started his first business a retail “cell phone” store. By age 22 Joe was operating three brick and mortar locations within the Queens neighborhoods he grew up in. This created the platform for innovative designs and the opportunity to enter into a wholesale market. Creating custom branded/packaged cell phone accessories for retailers, large corporations and public companies, Joe traveled to China to directly negotiate with manufacturers. Eventually the accounts he began to build and the products he sourced would capture the attention of his competitors who would eventually approach with an offer to purchase the company.

In 2006 while searching for space for his ever expanding business Joe found a connection with Real Estate. In 2007 Proof to his skills and testimony to his talent he created a new brand Right Time Realty the “New Generation of Commercial Real Estate”. Building a brand from outside the box not following the traditions of an old system offered opportunity with an edge against an outdated model in this industry.

Building the company (from scratch), with no institutional training closing deal after deal with owners of all levels, ranging from Institutional investors, to private players big and small along side with multi-generational real estate families. Successfully completing lease and sale transactions with regional, national, non for profit, public, government and international organizations alike, Joe and his team has and continues representing companies from A-Z “ASPCA-ZARA USA”! Joe is truly a NYC entrepreneurs Broker.

Rommel Tinio, Licensed Sales Agent

Margaret Ibrahim, Licensed Sales Agent