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Not Your Average Broker

Much of what you are going to read here is what differentiates Right Time Realty from other brokerage companies. Here, we don’t focus on tools and numbers but on qualitative differentiating factors.

At times it may seem like a 180-degree departure from “the pitch” you’ve received from everyone else. That’s fine by us.

New Generation of Real Estate Brokerage

While practically every commercial broker east of Manhattan has been trained in the “old system” Right Time Realty’s approach is radically new. We use our age, technology and mobility principles to our advantage. Having grown up in this most diverse city in the world, and being from Generation X and Gen-Y, we thrive in the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, fast-paced business environment of today. Your tenants are more likely to be from Asia, South America, Middle East, or Eastern Europe, than they are to be from here. No cultural or language differences are obstacles for us because we not only respect them but we grew up in the most mixed neighborhoods on the planet, here in NYC.

We conduct business in multiple ways, 24/7, regardless of where we are. Plus, our understanding of internet marketing and use of technology to achieve efficiency in business is second nature. On the road or in the office, we’ll move valuable information or your deal faster than you can ask us “how”. The old ways of commercial real estate, where a lone broker could control a market are over. This is the age of full disclosure and shared information where international investors, tenants and local owners are easily inter-connected and always informed.

True Passion for Business

Successful people always say that the key to success is having passion for what you do. For us, doing this never feels like work! It’s a great experience to be able to love what you do every day. At RTR, we come face to face with people who drive commerce in the greatest city on earth. We discover its rich entrepreneurial history through people who live, work and do business out of the most diverse mix of real estate anywhere.

We sincerely love learning about every business because understanding its unique demands makes matching it with ideal space possible. Learning from property owners and managers also makes us more effective as brokers. From third-generation landlords, condo developers and hotel operators, to construction companies, food distributors and importers from Asia, the stories, the opinions, the people that we meet every day cannot be told in a single tale.

Every time you stand on a rooftop and look out at this city, you can feel its pulse. Real estate is where all these stories take place and there is nothing we’d rather be doing.

Relationships Are Everything

We believe that life in general, not just business, is all about relationships. We are not transaction brokers – we are relationship brokers. That’s because we are in it for the long term. We are not here to make one deal at any cost, without consideration for your profit margin or other stakeholders’ considerations, burning bridges on the way out. Every good deal is a form of a “win-win” for all parties. That’s why we will never sacrifice integrity. Our best clients don’t look at us as vendors, but as business partners, trusted members of their business team. They never hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns and they are open with us because they know we can be trusted. Even if we can’t help you with every single real estate related need, we will go out of our way to help you by way of referral, research or just about any other way possible. Without our clients, there is no business at all.

Any Time Is the Right Time

This is not your traditional commercial brokerage, open Monday through Friday, 9-5. When it comes to real estate in NYC, no business transaction should have to wait for your broker and any time is the “Right Time”. Willing to sit down with a client or a tenant during odd hours to address their concerns before more time is lost due to another weekend or a holiday is what pushes certain deals into closings. Many successful tenants and buyers have businesses to run during the day that leaves them available to discuss your real estate deal at odd hours.

In real estate, “time is of the essence” and timing can change the outcome of transactions in a flash. If it takes late hours or repeat showings to make the deal, we will be there. We will also take your calls outside of regular business hours, and often supervise installations when streets are empty and no one is around. Times are changing, and this is NYC – successful business people can work around the clock thanks to improved technology and communication tools.

We also understand what it takes to survive a downturn like the one we are experiencing now. We would never delay or ignore a potential deal in the making, because we believe in getting things done.

Client Service, Not Self-Promotion

Our marketing focus is not on our brand or our personal achievements. Instead of talking about ourselves or the deals we’ve made, we listen to your needs and expectations, and spend time sharing market information and ideas for marketing your property. We tailor our services based on your goals to service your properties at the highest possible level.

Value-add-based Commissions

We believe that commissions we charge must make business sense for you. Each deal is different and fees may vary based on the complexity of the deal, quality of the tenant, number of brokers involved, and the length of the lease. We charge what makes sense on a transaction. We are confident that Right Time Realty has the most competitive commission structure in the market.

We are not here to make a “quick buck” on one transaction. A win-win transaction is what helps build a relationship.